1>What's your MOQ? And how does your delivery?

     We have 10 machines can produce insulation fastener and common insulation fastener nails, no less than 20,000pcs one machine in a day. Our factory daily output is at least 80,000pcs. MOQ is 100,000pcs as usual. But if your order cannot reach this limit, also want to purchase our products. Don't worry, We also accept sample orders, if the producing is not too tight.
Delivery as your order quantity.

2>What payment terms do you accept?

     At least 30% TT deposit, the remain balance paid before loading in our factory. 

  3>What's your Washer Diameter? How about your quality?
    Our insulation fastener Plastic washer is 6.0cm. Its quality and type is better than 5.0 now. Please also don’t worry about our 5.0 quality. All use origin high quality material and recognized by our old customer. Welcome new customer purchase our insulation fastener to win more your country’s market.
  4>Can you make customer version?
Yes. We have 10 Auto- injection java script: void(0);n machine now. Just you have the drawing, we can mould the products as you want.

  5>How to removing the stainless steel insulation pin rust?
Stainless steel thermal insulation pin normally fixed on the wall or pipe with thermal insulation rock wool or insulation board. So sometimes its requires bright surface,no oil stain. Than the surface treatment needs to be done in the insulation pin fabrication and production process. So what kinds of treatment method it has?


 1. Soaked with gasolineThe stain on the surface can be volatile by this method. But sometimes the surface still attached to a layer of gas. If it is water based glue, that would not glue together.

 2. Remove by degreasing agentDegreasing agent has strong decontamination capability. Firstly soaking the degreasing agent by boiling water,making it break up. Than put the insulation pin into it to remove oil . At last wash twice with clean water. This method will be a bit damaged to the surface of insulation pin, when the degreasing agent react with the stainless steel.

 3.Cleaning by detergent.The using method is same with degreasing agent. Because of the detergent mild decontamination, there is no damage to the stainless steel pin surface.

 4. Remove by industrial alcohol.Industrial alcohol can make the stainless steel pin surface attaching substances volatilizing easily, there is little water droplets,not easy to dry, easpecially in winter.

 5. Acid cleaningThrough soaking the insulation pin in acid pool, than take out irrigating. That will work best.

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